Better Igloos Catalog Cheats

Hey everyone! The Better Igloos Catalog has been updated, and I’m here to give you the current cheats!

Click on the Bamboo Torch for the LCD Television.

1st Cheat







Click on the Medieval Banner for the Penguin Knight Sculpture.

2nd Cheat






Click on the Poodle Plant for the Wheelbarrow.

3rd Cheat






Click on the corn for the Picket Fence.

4th Cheat






There aren’t that many cheats, but still, this catalog has many cool items! Do you guys agree with me? Comment your answers below!


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  1. can u make me a swf??? i need help with a thx! my email is

  2. i added u to my second blog roll so it would be nice i u adde dme 😀 also cool post!

  3. my party is tomorrow so make sure to recheck the news 😀

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