Club Penguin Times Issue #193

PiplupU: This is very off topic, but 50 year old Michael Jackson just died today at his Los Angeles home. Maybe at 1:15 P.M. I’m not a fan or anything of his but still. 😦

Hey everyone! As you all know, on Friday there will be a big music update to DJ3K only for members. Members will be able to buy any song they want from a special catalog, and then bring it right into the game! There’s also been talk that the Yellow Pufffle might be able to play in the game with you…

New Music

On July 3rd, some lucky penguins may be able to see Sensei! Sensei will be on random servers in the Ninja Hideout, talking and playing with penguins. If you’re not a ninja yet, I suggest you be one fast!

Sensei Visits

Well, that’s about all the interesting topics. Here’s the upcoming events!

Upcoming Events


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  1. Nice post 😉

  2. In our time he died at 5:40 I think

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