MJ Mini Party

Hey everyone. Click on more to read on.

Some of you may not know, but Michael Jackson has died. It seems like many people in Club Penguin are fans of him, and they decided to make a little party for him.

All around Club Penguin people are chanting “Jack Jack Jack Jack”, and all other things related to Michael Jackson like “pop king”. Anyway, I just felt like posting about this because many people are sad about it, and the whole world already knows about this. I think there are more parties around other servers, except this is the server my sister was on. (Thanks to my sister for these pics.)

MJ 1







MJ 2







The people were at other places too, except I only have time to post these pictures. Well, that’s all for now!


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  1. Yeah the news spread around in like 1 day..Pretty big news. By the way Wow! I can’t believe Club Penguin had a party for him. Thats really cool.

    ~Cole 😀

  2. Pip, why is my icon like that….?

    ~Once again, Cole 😛

  3. I MISS MICEAL JACKSON he was a good freind and just to let you know its jacksons brother if you want to see me on clb penguin meet me in snow ball in the night club and my penguin name is best72602 i can tell you all about him because im jacksons brother.

  4. What server was this on and at what time?

    R.I.P God of Pop, Michael Jackson 1958-2009.
    PiplupU: Sorry, but I don’t really remember.

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