Penguin Style Catalog Cheats & More!

Hey everyone! Once again, sorry for the late post! I was busy looking for Sensei this whole day!

Click on the inside of the piano for the Red Viking Helmet. Click on it four times for the Blue Viking Helmet.

Viking Helmets







 Click on the brown shell for the Canteen. 





 Click on the word “Penguins” for the Crystal Staff.

Crystal Staff




Click on the window in the top right for the Woodsman’s Hat.

Woodsman's Hat











 Click on the dragon’s shadow for the Blue Dragon Costume.

Blue Dragon Costume






Click on the “C” in clearance for the Black Graduation Cap.

Black Graduation Cap



Well, that’s about all the cheats for the Penguin Style Catalog.

Another thing I wanted to tell you guys about was the new ninja item. The new ninja item is called the Cloud Wave Bracers and it’s only for members. You’re supposed to wear the item with your ninja suit, and wave your arm. Once you do that, you should see yourself disappear in a cloud of smoke!

Cloud Wave Bracers


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