Club Penguin Times Issue #195

Hey everyone! If you all remember, Music Jam is coming back! Last years Music Jam was a big hit, and the Club Penguin staff is gonna make this one even BIGGER! The Music Jam will begin from July 17, and will end on July 26.

Music Jam '09

I usually don’t post these “Dear Aunt Arctic” questions, but I got curious about this one. I began thinking that some of these questions were fake, and I think this one is completely fake! Who would be shy to go on the Stage? That’s proof it’s fake.


Ok. Well, here’s the Upcoming Events!

Upcoming Events


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  1. I am having a membership contest here! There are 2 rounds but only 8 people will go to the final round. Will you be one of them? Maybe you’ll win the membership! But don’t worry, if you’re second place, you will get a rare penguin! Enter here now for your chance to win a free membership!

    -wex 😉

    PS: I am using a different comp so ignore the IPs.

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