Music Jam Update & Contest Coming Soon!

PiplupU: Check out my Funny Pics page! I added a few more pictures.

Hey everyone! There’s alot of things that’ll happen in Club Penguin this summer, and one of those things is Music Jam. The Music Jam ’09 will be going from July 17- 26.


There’s also going to be another Penguin Tales writing contest like last year! Starting from July 23 – August 5, you’ll be able to write up a story and enter it for a chance to have your story in the Book Room. This years contest mighe be a little better because it’ll be the first time for French, Portugese, and Spanish penguins to submit their own stories!

Oh, and congrats to all of us for the 12,000 hits! Thanks to everybody who visits here!


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  1. Hey, PiplupU!

    Your site has improved with style, hits, ect.
    Please click here to go to my site!

    -CP Beta Club Penguin Beta

    Please comment!
    I would appreciate it!

  2. Please go to my 1,o0O hits party! Here is all the info:
    When: Tuesday, July 14
    Time: 12:00-1:00 PST
    Server: Snow Angel
    Meet at: Ice Berg
    There will be 5 biggest fans. Their player cards will be on the front page of my site. To be a fan use messages like “CD you rock!” at the party. I will play games with fans, and take tons screen shots to post on my site! See you there

  3. hi i was wondering how can i be on ur blogroll or if u wich how can i work here?

  4. Hey nice Pip you got 12,000 now 😉 I might quit my site because i am getting busy and posting is getting boring .
    Well i would like to say good luck dude :mrgreen:
    PiplupU: Thanks man!

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