Club Penguin Times Issue #196

Hey everyone! Only one more day left for Music Jam ’09! As you all know, members will be able to buy an All Access Pass and get a chance to see the Penguin Band and DJ Cadence! You’ll be able to go to the top of the Night Club and you’ll also be able to go Backstage. The article also told us the names of each rooms and what type of theme it’ll be.

  • Main Stage = Dock
  • Bubble Pop = Beach
  • Easy Island Music = Cove
  • Orca Straw = Ski Village

Music Jam 17-26

It’s been nearly 3 years since penguins have been able to choose a color, so this will be a rare event! Back in November 2006 penguins picked Lime Green for a new color, and this time our choices are Maroon, Lavender, and Aqua. I personaly think that the new colors should be either Maroon or Lavender!

Pick A Color!

Here’s the ROCKING Upcoming Events!

Upcoming Events


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  1. Yeah the music jam is gonna be awsome! Your site is awsome too!

    commet back at

  2. It was AWESOME when we picked the color in November ’06, but sadly I wasn’t a member then.

  3. i like aqua and maroon but maroon best 😀

  4. The anti-members

    It will stink for the non members like allways, why can’t we have good stuff too?
    PiplupU: I kind of agree with you on that. Except I figured out that Club Penguin runs on “money”. It needs all that money from members to make Club Penguin go on. If there weren’t any members, Club Penguin would be some boring baby game. Well, I hope you understand now.

  5. Club Penguin should win the lottery. Then we wouldn’t have to become members and pay.

  6. Lol!

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