Music Jam ’09 Cheats & More!

Hey everyone! There’s sooo many cheats today! Well, here they are!

First of all, I’m going to give you all cheats for the Better Igloos Catalog. (By the way, there’s a new igloo available in the Upgrade Igloos catalog. It’s awesome!)

Click on the gramaphone for the band stage.

1 Band Stage







Click on the DJ tables for the wall speakers.

2 Wall Speakers




Click on the stone column ruins for the guitar stand.

3 Guitar Stand






Click on the bamboo torch for the LCD television.

4 LCD Television








Click on the medieval banner for the penguin knight sculpture.

4 Penguin Knight Sculpture






Click on the stalk of corn for the picket fence.

5 Picket Fence






Click on the poodle plant for the wheelbarrow.

6 Wheelbarrow







Now for the Music Jam ’09 Cheats!

Waddle to the Cove to receive your free green headphones!

Green Headphones!





Members, go to the Snow Forts and buy yourself an All Access Pass!

Buy An All Access Pass Here!










With the All Access Pass, you can go to Members Only Places! You can go to the Dock, and go Backstage! If your in the Backstage, you’re able to buy rare instruments! You’re also able to meet the Penguin Band if you’re lucky enough!












Click on the Instruments 4 Sale box, and then click on the dot above “i” for the snare drum and drumsticks.

Snare Drum & Drumsticks




Click on the “O” in “Catalog” for the Black Electric Guitar!

Black Electric Guitar





Members are also able to go to the top of the Nightclub again! Go to the Nightclub, go inside the Lounge, and climb up the stairs to go to the Rooftop! The boombox’s have returned once again too!






Well, just remember that you’re able to find DJ Cadence at the Rooftop, and the Penguin Band Backstage. Have fun searching!

Oh, and don’t forget to go to the Music Maker 3000! You can go to it by going to the Snow Forts. The Music Maker 3000 was in the Dojo last time until the incident happened…

Music Maker 3000



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  1. Nice Cheats! This party is sweet!

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  2. 77 Hockey-nachos Head General Cpra 3ic

    the incident……


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  5. I am not the one copying ur stuff! It’s Anthmike. I’ll tell him to stop.

  6. I am really sorry for copying ur stuff without getting permission or giving credit to u. Shadow made me do all the posting since I never post and i didn’t know how to do anything. Please don’t shut down our site or Shadow will be really ticked at me and i won’t be an author anymore.
    PiplupU: It’s ok. Thanks for apologizing. Well, from now on I’m hoping your site doesn’t have ANYTHING from my site without giving me credit.

  7. Did you know I am quitting tomorrow? I will have a party tomorrow for me quitting. Thanks!


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