Color Vote Coming Soon!

Hey everyone! Starting this Friday in the Forest, you’ll be able to vote for a color! The colors will be Maroon, Lavendar, and Aqua. The color that wins will be a color that all penguins will be able to wear!

Picture 5.png

And don’t forget about the Penguin Tales writing contest that’ll begin this Thursday!


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  1. Cool! Can you go to my party? Here is the invitation!

    Date: July 21, Tuesday
    Time: 12:00 PST (Noon)
    Server: Snow Angel
    Room: Dock

    Player cards will be featured on a Slide at my website, and you could win a surprise! To be featured, be supportive by using nice comments on Club Penguin! Hope to see you there! Nice site by the way!

  2. Hey, cool post! Check out my website and comment please?

  3. Yeah Im voting for lavender! LOL! your site is awsome! Nice post btw!

  4. Hey! I am having a party tomorrow! Here’s the info.

    When: Wednesday : July 22nd
    Where: Sleet, Lighthouse
    Time: 10 AM PST : 1 PM EST

    Bring your instruments! I will play the Drums! 🙂

    We will be chat here during the party ( It is MANDATORY you be on the chat AND Club Penguin.

    For more info about the party, go here.

    Please Come and Advertise this party. My party aren’t successful these days.


  5. Awesome site, thanks for commenting on my blog. I hope your success comes very soon 😉

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