Club Penguin Times Issue #197

Hey everyone! The Music Jam has been going on for a few days, and most of us are really enjoying it! But sadly, the Music Jam has to end sooner or later. If you still haven’t gotten the free item, go to the Cove fast!

Music Jam Ending

There’s also going to be another color coming soon! The choices are lavender, maroon, and aqua! You’ll be able to vote for your color from July 24 – 29 in the Forest. Oh, and there’s also a little cheat I wanted to show you guys. If you click on the green penguin holding the paint brush, you’re able to change him to lavender, maroon, and aqua.

New Colors

The Penguin Tales Writing Contest has started today! Heres the story topics you’re able to write about:

  • The Hiking Vikings…
  • Wacky Wildlife in the Wilderness!
  • My ultimate igloo dance party…
  • The day we turned blue… and sunk the Iceberg!

Here’s some details about the writing contest:

  • 4 winning stories will be added to the Book Room.
  • Each winner will also receive 10101 coins and a special post card!
  • Stories can be submitted in English, Portugese, French, or Spanish. 1 story from each language will be selected!

Make sure your entries are related to Club Penguin. Good luck! 😉

Penguin Tales

Well, here’s the Upcoming Events!

Upcoming Events


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