Club Penguin Times Issue #198

PiplupU: I got chased by some clown gang at the mall yesterday… It was wierd.

Hey everyone! This is the last week for everybody to enter their submissions to the Penguin Tales Writing Contest. So remember to hurry!

Last Week

The Color Voting booth is offically closed! We’ll be able to buy the winning color on August 7. Go maroon!

Go Maroon!

Do any of you remember the water party in ’07? When the crab cracked the glass in the pool and made a huge flood? Well, that may happen again! The Pool’s glass needs to be replaced, and there may be another party in the process! G will give us more details soon.

Water Party '09?

Here’s the Upcoming Events!

Upcoming Events


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  1. I think cp used my idea, I mailed them about the water party from 07′ and they said they might do it again đŸ˜€

  2. Kool Piplup! Can’t wait till G about the window thing! Your sites still lookin great!

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