Club Penguin Times Issue #200

Hey everyone! Today the 200th issue of Club Penguin Times was released!

The Festival of Flight takes off from August 14 and comes down on August 18. We’ll all be able to explore the island high in the sky! We can soar with our own balloon ride, and hover with our own jetpack! We might even be able to meet the Gary!

Festival of Flight

The Underwater Adventure is a new play that will begin on August 21 and will end on September 10. It seems to be the best play ever in Club Penguin. Underwater Adventure- Coming soon to a Stage near you.

Underwater Adventure

Here’s the Upcoming Events!

Upcoming Events


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  1. Awesome! Can you come to my Festival of Flight Party? Here is the info:
    When: Tonight
    Time: 10:00 PM (PST)
    Server: Slushy
    Room: Dock
    This will be a fun little Mini Party! We will chat, hang out, play games, and explore the Festival of Flight! This party will rock! Tons of penguins will come, and you do not want to miss an awesome party like this! Like I always do, I will take party pics, and feature penguins! Also, if the server Slushy is full, the party will be at Snow Angel! I will see you there (along with 30 other penguins)! 😀

  2. Hey Piplupuu!! Just wanna tell ya, that I am actually back and my blog is up and running. 😀 I sure lost quite an amount of fans but I hope to be able to get them back and maybe more! 😀 Hope to see ya again dude!! Cya! 😉


    P.S. I am going to have a Welcoming Back Party soon too, hope you can come!! 😀 😛

  3. Hi, im going to be on vacation for the next week if you are wondering why i am not comment! Please remember to comment on my site still though


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