Festival of Flight ’09!

PiplupU: The Festival of Flight has been extended to the 20th.

Hey everyone! The Festival of Flight has now launched! Here are all the cheats for the party!

Go to the Plaza to get your free Green Propeller Cap. (Have you noticed they’ve been giving green items away latey?)

Green Propeller Cap






Members can also get a free jetpack! First go to the Forest, and go into the hot air balloon. The hot air balloon will take you to the Tallest Mountain and you’ll be able to get a free jetpack! And since most of us aren’t members, I’ll show you all how the Tallest Mountain looks.

Tallest Mountain


And for those of you who still don’t think Club Penguin is floating, take a look at this picture!

Club Penguin Floating!

Well, have a fun time during the party!

I also managed to meet two betas today! Their names were Aqua Link and Stuartputt.

CP Betas

Also, here’s me sitting with Aqua Link. 😛

Beta And I


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  1. Hey dude, I kinda wanted a theme that is different from others and my friend self-hosted my blog too so it gave me more varieties and I really like this theme. Hope thats kool with ya and hope you can come to my party! 😀 I’m posting it soon. 🙂 Cya later dude!! 😉


  2. Yo dude, festival of flight is cool but has got quite boring 4 me now i know all the secrets. Got any tips that’ll keep me happy during the festival. Thx:)

  3. Your momma ain’t a beta!

  4. dude, yes i am a beta, and so is stuartputt

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