Club Penguin Better Igloos Cheats & New Play!

Hey everyone! The Better Igloos Catalog got updated today, and wow! There’s alot of cheats. Let’s get started!

Click on the stove burner for the Bowling Pin.

Bowling Pin






Click on the window for the Bowling Alley.

Bowling Alley






Click on the buttons on the left side of the stove for the Fridge.





Click on the gramaphone for the Band Stage.

Band Stage




Click on the DJ tables for the Wall Speakers.

Wall Speakers



Click on the stone coloumn for the Guitar Stand.

Guitar Stand





Click on the bamboo torch for the LCD Television.

LCD Television




Click on the medieval banner for the Penguin Knight Sculpture.

Penguin Knight Sculpture





There’s also two new things in the Igloo Upgrades Catalog. One new flooring has returned, and one old flooring has returned.

New and Old floors

The Underwater Adventure Play is out, but it has no cheats. Well, enjoy the new play and cheats!


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  1. Hey. I have been playing club penguin for over 3 years now. But now im too old and im quitting cp September 7th. I want to thank you for all the good times and i hope you can help me reach my goal of 100,000 hits and hopefully come to my upcoming quitting party.
    Click my name for my site and plz help out

  2. I love the site, its awesome and I am a huge fan of you

    Anyway I discovered some extra info about Tallest Mountain being a new room and I thought you might be interested.(Its on the map at the bottom of the post) anyways

  3. I know what the fiery surprise is!!!!!
    have people dress like ninjas and have someone give a tour. there you go!!!! look at the fire!!!!!

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