Club Penguin Times Issue #202

Hey everyone! Guess what? The Fair is coming to Club Penguin! This is going to be the third time the Fair comes! It never gets old, however many times it comes back. The Fall Fair will be arriving to Club Penguin on September 4th!

Here’s when last years fair started.

Last years fair

This is when this years fair starts. Notice the difference?

Fall Fair!

There’s some more good news too! Rockhopper has been spotted! He’ll be here just in time for The Fair! Many penguins don’t know this, but Rockhopper brought all the stuff for the first fair ever in Club Penguin. I wonder what he’ll bring this year!

Rockhopper Returns!

Well, here’s the Upcoming Events! (Remember to check out the Whats New Blog on Wednesday to vote for a new item!)

Upcoming Events

Guess who I met at Frozen today?

Look Alikes!

😆 I never knew there was somebody who had almost the same name as me and had almost the same outfit as me!


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  1. yes its very early, so the end of the month migth be another party? or boring =/ maybe a mission : D

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