Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver News!

Hey everyone. I don’t know if you know, but I’m really into Pokemon. Anyway, some of you may know that they are re-making Pokemon Silver & Gold! I have the old version of Pokemon Silver and it’s pretty fun. The only thing that stinks is that I can’t play it in my DS lite, I can only play it in my Gameboy. AND because it has no color. It’s one of those old fashion games.

Anyway, Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver are coming out in Spring 2010! It’s not that far! I’ve decided to post about it on my blog, even if it is only about Club Penguin.

In Spring 2010 Pokémon Soul Silver & Heart Gold will be available in the U.S! It is said that this game will be the most epic Pokemon game EVER! When you purchase the game, it’s supposed to come with a Pokéwalker. The rumor is that the Pokéwalker is a device that connects to the DS, and whenever you walk, the Pokémon of your choice gains experience points, causing it to level up at some point! If you want to know more, watch this video!

Click here to watch a cool video about Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver and learn more about it too.


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  1. clubpenguinagentsblog

    hi PiplupU!

    Even I am a fan of Pokemon like you!

    I will buy this game when it comes

  2. 77 Hockey-nachos Head General Teh Richest Towel Boy In Teh World

    lulz i preordered the one from japan

    im still gonna get the U.S. one though cuz i just get a japanese one for FUNZIES

    PiplupU: That’s cool! 😀

  3. cool, go to my page site
    look on the pokeon page
    can’t wait till heartgold and soulsilver come out!!!

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