Snow & Sports Catalog Cheats And The Fair Preparations

Hey everyone! Here are the cheats for the new Snow & Sports Catalog.

Click on the- wait a minute…. There’s no cheats! What’s up with that!? Club Penguin had to make a couple of cheats atleast. Well, lets talk about the The Fair preparations now!

As you all know, on Sept. 4, The Fair starts! It used to be called the Fall Fair, but now the name has been changed. I prefer the old name better. Anyway, somebody has already started preparing for The Fair! Waddle into the Lighthouse to see boxes scattered around everywhere!

Lighthouse Boxes

They’ve also updated Club Penguin’s login screen.

New Login

Usually Club Penguin puts more boxes in other rooms. I guess they’ll do that later 😛 Remember to keep on checking back here for more cheats!


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  2. Hey piplup since you were sorta in CP TDO this season can you plz go the total drama ocean page and vote for me(The Source00) to win

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  4. The evil monkey

    Sounds fun. Oh and the heartgold screenshots and video look awesome.

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  7. cool post! cant wait : D

  8. Hi! im having a party so check out the news please and see if you can make it!!

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