Club Penguin Fall Fair 2009 Cheats & More!

Hey everyone! Today is the Fall Fair! Here’s a list of where all the Fall Fair games are located:

  • Cove – Feed-A-Puffle
  • Forest – Puffle Shuffle
  • Snow Forts – Puffle Paddle
  • Dock – Ring The Bell
  • Beach – Memory Card Game

Last year there was a room only for members, but now anybody is allowed to go in there!

Bonus Games Room

The Bonus Games Room is located at the Snow Forts. The games located there are Balloon Pop & Puffle Soaker

Rockhopper has also arrived today! His ship is docked at the Beach.

Rockhopper's Ship

Enter Rockhopper’s ship and go into the Ship’s Hold (Store). Once inside, go into Rockhopper’s Quarters. Inside there you’re able to play Treasure Hunt! The object of the game is to uncover as much treasure as you can before you use all your turns.

Treasure Hunt

If you weren’t able to go inside the Captain’s Quarters, it’s because you don’t have the special key. This key can be obtained in the Book Room. The Book Room is located upstairs in the Coffee Shop. When you enter the Book Room, click on the red book on your bottom left-hand corner.

Click on the book named “The Journal of Captain Rockhopper“.

The Journal of Captain Rockhopper

Go all the way to the end of the book, and you’ll see this key there. Once you’ve clicked on it and added it to your inventory, you’re able to go to the Captain’s Quarters!

Special Key

Here are the items Captain Rockhopper has brought this time:
Rockhoppers Items

Remember about that fiery surprise Club Penguin was talking about? Well here it is!

Fiery Surprise

Anyways, have fun at The Fair!


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