New Fall Fair Items & More!

Hey everyone! Today is 9/11. Lets all have a moment of silence to honor those who perished on that day.

The Club Penguin Staff has added the new items to the booths! Non-members are able to buy the Stripey Hat for only 150 tickets!

Stripey Hat












Members are able to buy the Curly Mustache, and the Snack Stand!

Member Items

Club Penguin has also added new postcards!

New Postcards

The 3rd Volume of Penguin Tales also came out today! So if you happen to be in the Coffee Shop, waddle to the Book Room and read the book!

Penguin Tales Vol. 3

The new play, The Penguins that Time Forgot, is now at the Stage! Here are the cheats!

Click on the G for the Grass Skirt.

Grass Skirt









There’s also Black Puffles at the Dojo Couryard, The Ninja Hideout, and at The Forest. If you’re a ninja, get close to them and they’ll turn on fire. What could this mean?

Black Puffle


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  1. hey guys~ I’m BACK!!!!!!

  2. cool! i like the hat : P

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