Sensei’s Scavenger Hunt & More!

Hey everyone! Have you guys seen the sky lately!? It’s awesome! But how’d it turn orange? Anyway, here’s where you can find all the fiery hidden items!

First, go to the Ski Lodge and click on the log.

1st item





Go to the Book Room and click on the candle. (The Book Room is upstairs in the Coffee Shop)

2nd item




Go to the Pet Shop and click on the Black Puffle in the cage.

3rd Item





Go to the Mine and click on the lantern.

4th Item






Go to the Pizza Parlor, and click on the bottle of hot sauce right next to the pin.

5th Item





Go to the Cove, and click on the burnt stick right below the fire.

6th Item




Go to the Beacon and click on the jetpack.

7th Item





Finally, click on the lantern at the Dojo Courtyard.

Final Item





Congratulations! You are now able to obtain the Fire Pin!

Fire Pin

For those of you who aren’t ninjas, here’s what the Ninja Hideout looks like.

Ninja Hideout

That picture shows a ninja using his cloud wave bracers to turn the wheel.

Could this be the preperation for the journey that ninjas will be taking soon?

Ninja Journey

Billybob had also given us a sneak peek of something some time ago this week.


Could this be a sketch for a new mission? I guess we’ll have to wait and see!


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  1. hey hows it going! nice post:)


  2. great news! I made tonetone34 post again!

  3. that guy in the sketch looks more like a samurai than ninja….samurai penguins?

  4. i hope its a new mission

  5. clubpenguinagentsblog

    hey! nice post!

    please answer this question.

    How do you make such good headers which fit right into that place? Even I want one.

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