Club Penguin Times Issue #205

Hey everyone! Sensei told us some more about why the sky turned orange. Let’s see what he has to say about it. You have been training hard, my students. Nature shows me that you are ready to continue your journey.”  Anyway, the Sensei Scavenger Hunt is going on until the 20th. If you need help finding the items, click here.

Scavenger Hunt Ending

Other than that, I don’t think there’s anything else that’s interesting! Well, here’s the Upcoming Events.

Upcoming Events


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  1. hey pip!
    remember me Darknerr? From cp7 total drama series. I think you would do well to add to the cp7.
    Here are the cp7 rules.(source made them)
    1: Respect other CP7 Members and be nice

    2: You have 28 days aka 4 weeks to post (this time may vary if your other posts havent been that good)

    3: I will delete any post i think is too off topic or isnt good enough (EXAMPLES: 1 picture newspaper posts, No picture posts)

    4: ANYTHING UNRELATED TO CP will be deleted. You get one warning then if you do it again you get fired.

    5″ IF YOU ADVIRTESE IN A POST ON MY SITE you will be fired

    6: IF i fire you you must of broken one of those 5 rules so dont complain

    I hope you do well!

  2. nvm that comment. You will be added most likely after another quitting or firing.

  3. Hey man! It’s me cranicar! go check out my blog. I blog for cp & am back and the web is better than ever!

  4. congrats on 15,000 hits!! Also cool post!, the hutn end s of my bday, mwahahahaha

  5. hello: “the fire path” dont u think thats worth mentioning pip? fire=lava=volcano=ninja. See? anyways i still like the idea of penguin samurai.

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