Club Penguin Volcano & Sensei Toy!

PiplupU: Thanks for the 15,000 hits everybody! If we can reach 20,000 hits, which I know we will, I think I might have a party!

Hey everyone! I was on Club Penguin today, when I saw this:


Isn’t this the room that might be released soon? But why would a room be a volcano?! By the way, the Sensei Scavenger Hunt has now been extended to the 28th.

There’s alot of ninja things going around in Club Penguin, but it seems like ninja things are happening outside of Club Penguin too! Check out this wicked Sensei toy:


Many penguins have had trouble finding toys, so the Club Penguin staff is excited to say that these toys are available in more places! In other news, Card-Jitsu Trading Cards Series 2 are now out too!


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  1. Hey !!I just discovered an totally awesome CP Glitch that lets you float in midair !Check it out at
    You can give me credit if you want but you dont have to!

  2. lol nice name!!! Love this site!


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