Club Penguin Times Issue #208

Hey everyone! Halloween is almost near, and Club Penguin is having its Igloo Decorating Contest again! The theme is obviously Halloween! The Better Igloos Catalog will be released on October 16, the day the contest starts, and will have the latest features! But this time, it’s going to be a little different. On the day the contest starts, member penguin’s igloos will have a special “submit” button they’ll be able to use when they’re done decorating! Well, remember to make your igloo really scary!

The black puffle creeps me out...

Club Penguin’s 4th Anniversary part is almost near too! For those of you who are new, Club Penguin was made on October 24th, 2005. Every year, Club Penguin celebrates its anniversary in the Coffee Shop. There’s always a humongous cake, a new year book, and a new party hat! I can’t wait to see what this years party hat will look like?

CP's 4th Anniversary!

Sensei has also given us just a tiny bit of information about the awakened volcano. Sensei said,”Ahh, the volcano. Its power is so great it affects us all. It unleashes heat and smoke from the ground… and may unleash fire from the sky.” When penguins asked him more about it, he said with a grin,“Perhaps someone else, Can give you the answers. Maybe a science master.” Doesn’t he mean Gary?

Volcano Mystery

Hmm…Well, here’s the Upcoming Events!

Club Penguin Upcoming Events


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