Better Igloos Catalog Cheats & More!

Hey everyone! An updated Better Igloos Catalog has been released, and there’s more cheats! Here they are:

Click on the brick for the Puffle Jack ‘O Lantern.

Puffle Pumpkin







Click on the Sad Jack ‘O Lantern for the LCD Television.






Click on the top right window of the Creepy Cottage Cut-Out for the Cauldron.










Click on the Tombstone for the Goofy Jack ‘O Lantern.

Goofy Pumpkin





Click on the opening in the Ticket Booth for the Piano.






Click on the top left window for the Bowling Alley.

Bowling Alley







Click on the buttons on the stove for the Fridge.





Click on the lights on the Construction Barrier for the Bowling Pin.

Bowling Pin





Click on the Gramophone for the Band Stage.

Band Stage







Click on the DJ Tables for the Wall Speakers.

Wall Speakers





Wow. That was alot of cheats! Oh, and don’t forget to check out the new Igloo Flooring. It’s called Cobblestone.

New Flooring

There’s also some new music added to the Music List. My favorite is Haunted Disco!

New Music

Don’t forget that the Halloween Igloo Decorating Contest has started today! Here’s how to submit your igloo:

1. Finish up your Halloween Igloo. Remember to make sure that it’s the way you want it!

2. On your bottom left hand corner, you’ll see a golden igloo. Click on it.

Enter Contest









3. A sign will pop up asking if you’d like to enter your igloo. If you’re ready, click on yes.

Enter Contest 2















4. If you clicked on “Yes”, then good luck! Remember not to change your igloo until October 25th so the judges can see your igloo.

Enter Contest 3











Club Penguin has also updated it’s main login screen!

Updated Screen


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  1. Lol I entered the Igloo Halloween Contest, But I doubt that I’ll win. I saw other people’s igloo’s and their much better then mine…Lol

  2. awesome! thx! i just didnt know the puff jack o lantern and cauldron cheat.
    once again thx! 😆

  3. I really would like some cool member stuff

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