Good-bye WordPress

Hey everyone. I decided to quit blogging. I think it’s too much of a responsibility. I always used to think why other bloggers quit, and now I know why. It’s just too hard when you start growing up. You have lots of homework, and…Well, I guess that’s about it. Anyway, I’m sorry to all of you who always came here. All of you were my friends, except here are the most best ones:

  • Cole2003
  • Pennsi
  • Birddog202
  • Cookieluva
  • Shadow
  • Snowy1900

There’s more too, except I forgot. My blogroll has most of them too. Well, good-bye I guess.

HAHA TRICKED YOU! Not. I’m really quitting. I just felt like saying that I can’t wait ’till Heart Gold & Soul Silver come out. I hope it’s actually April 1st, 2010. That’s a long wait, but still.



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  1. WHAT! Pip you can’t! You were awesome at running your blog. Dude don’t quit. And Thanks for saying I was one of your best friends. I’m gonna miss ya dude. Now how am I gonna keep in touch with ya? I usually don’t see you on Club Penguin, No More Chat, And now NO MORE BLOG/WORDPRESS!?! Dude your upsetting your fans including me. Yeah it’s hard to do it with Homework in the way of everything but try to fit it into your schedule, please!! You can’t go! Will I be seeing you at all anymore then? Will you be posting on my blog anymore? Or is this it, the end of Piplupu/Rsnail1st on the Computer? Please respond back. Thanks. And again, DON’T QUIT, Think about all your fans.

  2. Are you quitting Cp and chat, too?!?! You were a good friend. Even though we had that little arguement, we were still best friends. It really is hard to keep up with what Cp is updating and with all the homework, it’s like you just can’t get a break. Last week was so tough for me that I couldn’t even get on the computer!

    Have a nice life and don’t get killed by Swine Flu. It hit my school and a couple of my friends have hit. 😦


    • Shadow there is a cure my friend got it then she just recovered for some reason (no she was not pretending for anyone who will ask)

  3. the evil monkey

    noooooooooo. pip update on weekends. dont quit. ull regret it.

  4. Shadow,
    You think Pip has Swine Flu or are you just saying not to get it? Also he can’t come on Chat anymore. He told me that he can’t go on Chat anymore because of his new computer won’t let him go on Xat. So he won’t be coming on Chat for sure. But Cp I don’t know…I hope so, but I usually never see him on Cp.

  5. Miss you forever dude 😦 :’ o

  6. i MAY NOT HAVE know you very well but I do know I’ll miss you. You were pretty awesome. You rock and we will all miss you for eternity. Rock on and don’t get swine flu!

    Best Regards, Goodbye and Goodluck,

  7. I said DONT get swine flu. He doesn’t have it.

  8. lol nice should of waited until mischief night though

  9. lol all they said was spring 2010 so I have no clue what month it will come out

  10. hey pip tell me if you have wi fi just make a comment or reply

  11. Hey everyone. Thanks for supporting me, but I think it’s the end. I MAY come back, but for right now that’s it…Sorry. 😥

  12. I meant to reply to the message below that! 😳 Aww well.

  13. wait oh your quitting…. good luck pip hope we can at-least talk here

  14. by the way i’m getting heart gold already have a lugia

    But the homework part IS TRUE!

  16. it’s a year since I never came back… many things had changed, right piplup?

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