Thanksgiving & More

PiplupU: I just realized that one of my principal’s name means “Mr. Shoe” when translated. Well, we just need to add an “s” at the end… xAwesome! 

PiplupU: If you want to see some Club Penguin cheats click on this. That link leads you to my friend Cole2003’s blog. My friend Cookie also works there too. Try to see if you can spot Cookie’s website on Cole’s blogroll.

Hey everyone. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. Anyway, Thanksgiving is almost here. What are you guys going to do? I might do nothing on that day.

I’ve also decided that I’m only going on Club Penguin to get the new backgrounds, pins, and free items. It’s really boring to me nowadays.

I can’t wait for Heart Gold & Soul Silver to come to the US. I know it’s going to be like 5 months, but still. It’s going to be so COOL! I go on that official Japanese Heart Gold & Soul Silver site, because it’s kind of interesting. My google thing translates some of it for me, so it’s easier to understand. You guys should try that google translation out. It’s cool.


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  1. For Thanksgiving I’m going to my relatives house lol. Every year for Thanksiving, I go up to my relatives house.

  2. Oh and your almost close to 20,000! Lets hope more people keep commenting and visiting!

  3. Oh cool. And thanks for putting my blog link in your post. 🙂

  4. lol who says i will need translations to read what they say

  5. I’ve been a massive fan of poke’mon since I firstfound it. Of course, i have played all of the games and my top favorite poke’monis darkrai. He’s also one of the hardest pokemon to find. So Ive createda siteto help people how to catchdarkrai in the pokemon games.

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