Hey everyone. I’m really bored right now. My friend “The Evil Monkey” suggested that I should start blogging about Club Penguin. Well, I denied that request. 😛 I really don’t want to blog about Club Penguin. It’s just so much work, and I’m really lazy nowadays. I have more work in school now too since I’m in a higher grade. I also have to do extra work because the teacher thinks I’m smart. JUST BECAUSE I GOT AN A+ IN HER CLASS DOESN’T MEAN I HAVE TO DO AN ESSAY THAT SOME OTHER KIDS DON’T HAVE TO DO!

Anyway, I’ve been wondering what to post about. I think I like my idea of just posting about random things. The only people who actually visit here are my friends. Maybe other people who I don’t know come, but they never comment to let me know they’ve been here. There’s a honking voice in my head. I guess it’s time for me to stop typing. Cya!


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  1. Lol, I’m getting lazy too now a days. And it takes a while to post and take the pictures and all that. Even though it doesn’t seem like that much work it feels like it xD. I guess were both just getting lazier lol. And nice job getting an A+ in the class, but sorry that you have to do an essay that other kids don’t have to do. Lol.

  2. Hello there! I believe everybody should join the Nachos Army of club penguin sometime in their life or they are missing out, so let me give you a description on them.

    Club Penguin armies are basically groups of penguins that wear the same colors and uniform. We hang out on our xat chat box and have wars with armies that are considered a threat in any way. We have numerous tactics that you will figure out once you join the Nachos. There is also much more that you will find out once you join the Nachos.

    Benefits of joining the Nachos Army:

    We are Club Penguin’s oldest existing army (July 29, 2006 on the miniclip penguin forums, our first blog was created in February 2007, current blog created in July 2008).

    We wear mexican items like sombreros, ponchos, maracas etc (though you only have to wear our colors which are red, yellow and orange).

    The Nachos have over 70 active members which means it’s a great place to make new friends! I probably made about 12 great friends in the Nachos who I talk to on our chat box at least twice a week.

    4. Were a relaxed army: Many armies chat boxes have excessive spamming so it’s hard to hear what people say.

    5. The Nachos average 14-18 members per battle! This is a lot for an army!

    How to get promoted in the Nachos:

    Be on chat as often as you can.

    Attend as many events as possible.

    Comment a lot

    Be yourself!

    Please know that I am not the Nachos leader. Our leaders are Videogamer57 (Gamer) and King kinz 10.

    Our site is:

    Our join page is:

    Our chat box is:

  3. hey, see my blog for udpate son why im here, and my future of being here 😉

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