Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey everyone! Happy Thanksgiving! Aren’t you guys excited today?…

Well, I’m not. I have nothing to do today. Anyway, Christmas is also near too! There’s atleast 30 or less days left ’till Christmas. That’s why I put those reindeer in the picture.

Guess what happened to me that was kind of wierd today? Here, I’ll show you the pic.

It’s a little too small to see, but I’ll explain it to you. I commented on my friend’s video saying “Happy Thanksgiving!” And you know how if you comment alot on Youtube, they make you write those squished up letters to see if your not a spammer?  Well, mine said Thanksgiving. I bet alot of other peoples did too.

Well, that was stupid of me to post! 😀 But I just felt like it! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


Posted on November 26, 2009, in Random. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Did you make that first picture with the reindeer and the turkey? If so, that looks really cool. And that is weird that it said Thanksgiving. Anyways, Happy Thanksgiving to you too. I won’t be on after today until Sunday because I’m going to my relatives for Thanksgiving.

  2. No I didn’t make that picture. It’s from a game named FarmVille.

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