Club Penguin Cave Expedition 2010

PiplupU: Hey everybody! I might not be able to post for atleast 1 week. I’ll try to find a way to post if I can. Well, remember to keep on visiting! You never know, I might post in a few days.

The rock slide has finally been cleared at the Mine! You’re now able to go inside the cave and explore!

You’ll find most of these signs scattered around the island. Click on it, and then click on “Go There”. Once you’ve done that, you should be inside the Mine.

Inside the Mine, you’ll be able to get free mining helmets. Remember to take one if you don’t have it, they’re going to be very useful.

Now go inside the Mine Cave by stepping into this tunnel.

When you’re inside the Mine Cave, you should wear your mining helmet. Step on the spot where it has brown dirt, and press “D” to start drilling. Remember that you can only do this if you’re wearing the mining helmet only.

In a few seconds, a sign should’ve popped up saying that you’ve found treasure! Keep drilling in 4 different places to find the Amethyst Pin. Once you find the 4 different parts, this should pop up:

Click on “Claim Prize”. Than click on “Yes”.

Now the boulder on the upper-right hand side should’ve rolled away. Congrats! You’ve just unlocked the Hidden Lake! But the adventure isn’t over yet.

Once inside that tunnel, you’ll see a magnificent lake! Inside, it’s filled with jewels, gold, coins, and treasure chests! But on the lower left hand corner, you’ll see a broken Aqua Grabber? Wierd! Anyway, members are able to buy a brand new Deep Sea Diving Suit for only 50 coins!

You can also go to a room called “Underwater” by going into this passageway. Unfortunately, members are only able to access this room.

 The Underwater has to be the most best place in Club Penguin! Too bad it’s only for members!

 Members are also able to buy the Coral Reef Background here!

I hope you all have fun!


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  1. Hey Piplup!

    I have seen that you are updating your site almost everyday now. A couple of weeks back, you weren’t updating it that much.

    Nice pics! BTW, what program do you use to capture these images?

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