Club Penguin Times Issue #224

Hey everyone. I’m posting from the Wii again. Sorry for not having pictures in the post…

A new issue of Club Pen… IM JUST GOING TO GIVE THE IMPORTANT DETAILS… NVM its gonna take 4ever 4 me 2 write it.



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  1. lol…..

  2. Yes, i am wondering how ‘you’ saw 3 idiots..

  3. You’ll never know…

  4. common! Tell it pip! are u indian or wat?

  5. Also, you can now play Club Penguin on my site! Check it out! Ill tell u too!

  6. Why did you make this post if you aren’t going to post the news?

  7. No I’m not Indian. LOL

  8. Yea, you saw the movie cuz it was released WORLDWIDE!!

  9. Hey pip don’t forget to get the shiny pichu i almost forgot and have to go : P

  10. I got it on the day it came out xP

  11. Thats great! Lol

  12. that u got it on the day it came out. : )

  13. I have got 510 Hits on my site! Will be having PARTY SOON!

  14. Pip I have wifi and my comp isn’t acting up i have a virus and i can’t go on the internet this is on safe mode and it is ZOOMED my friend code is well i have to find the game x P

  15. ok i found it hold on

  16. nvm go on chat pip

  17. ok it is 2578-9496-1084 comment back ^-^ lol snows thing

  18. Hey pip, how’d ya put the stats thingy? It usualy doesnt work on I tried it, but diesnt work. How does yours work?

    P.S. I have invited u to be an author on my site. If you dont mind, would u?


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