Jirachi Event: February 27th – March 13th

For a certain reason, I’m still unable to post on my computer.

The official Pokémon site has told us that the Jirachi event will be coming to US & Puerto Rico GameStops on February 27th, and will end on March 13th. This special Jirachi, which is Lv. 5, will unlock a course for your Pokéwalker when traded to Heart Gold or Soul Silver. The course it unlocks is called Night Sky’s Edge. All you need to do to recieve it is to bring your Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum along with your DS to GameStop. The GameStop staff will happily help if you don’t understand how to get it. (If you have two wondercards, than you’ll probably have to delete one.)


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  1. Hey Pip, I wanted to let you know, I quit blogging and I won’t be coming on chat much anymore. So, thanks for being my friend. It was nice knowing you. Take care.

  2. I missed the pichu event 😦 also i will mostly be on chat pip

    • Oh MAN! This is to great!
      We have a Ds and Dsi and we just got Platinum the game.
      We already have Diamond and 2 pearls. Is this event for Ds Pokemon games? Or is it for Game boy Advance Pokemon games?… If it is we only have Leafgreen, Firered and Sapphire. Just tell us which game to get the event and when it Happens. 😉
      Bird, you should get Diamond Or Pearl, they give you Pichu for free in a garden.

  3. Sorry Pip, but there’s just too much drama going on at chat now and everyone is quitting. I think Pennsi and Toon did. But that’s not the only reason why. I’ve also been chatting with my real life friends too. Another reason is because I don’t find much interest in chat anymore, there’s hardly anyone on anymore. And it’s really boring for me now. The only big things that happen is bad drama which I’m not staying for. So that’s all. Again, take care Pip. Remember, you can always email me.. 🙂

    Same for you, take care bff. 🙂


    P.S. I’ll try not to forget you guys.

  4. Oh, and I’ll still go on Club Penguin and Gaia. Mostly Thursdays for Club Penguin since all the new stuff comes out then.

  5. Ugh more gamestop!

  6. lol! bird is more focused on the pokémon events… YOUR SUPPOSED TO FOCUS ON COLE! Im going to go on chat more when my computer gets fixed… Dont quit!

  7. XD pip i’m going to send cole pm and comments on gaia and convince him to not quit also yur just on at the wrong time

  8. did ur comp crash or somethin.. pip?

  9. Uhh…not really. But its kind of personal.

  10. Oh.. Ok. Congrats on the SUper Mario Bros. I have it on the DS Lite. It’s excellent on that too!

  11. No, the old one released in 1985.

  12. I know. Even I have the NEW Super Mario Bros. too.

  13. I just went to GameStop and got myself a jirachi… its lv19 now 😀
    PiplupU: I’m leaving mine at Lv. 5. Do you know how rare that is!? A Level 5 Jirachi! Well, good luck training yours!

  14. Jirachi20 <<<club penguin name

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