Jirachi Event

( The date isn’t really Febuary 28th )

Hey everyone! The Jirachi event started today! This Jirachi unlocks a course named “Night Sky’s Edge” in your Pokewalker when traded to Pokemon HeartGold or SoulSilver versions. The other cool thing about this Jirachi is that it knows the fierce move “Draco Meteor”!

Here’s what my Trainer Memo says for the Jirachi:

Quirky nature.

Feb. 27, 2010

Pokemon Event

Apparently had a fateful encounter at Lv. 5.

Proud of its power.

Happily eats anything.

It was captured in a Cherish Ball, has a Liechi Berry attached to it, and has a Classic Ribbon.  The OT is GAMESTP.

The Wonder Card info for the Jirachi says: “Trade JIRACHI to Pokemon HeartGold Version or Pokemon SoulSilver Version for a special Pokewalker suprise! Be sure to save the game once you pick up JIRACHI at a Poke Mart.”

Arceus Event

Pikachu-Colored Pichu Event


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  1. How are you Pip?

  2. Ya the jarachi is pretty good. It knows draco meter

  3. It only stays for one day I got it!

    PiplupU: Well, I just wrote what the official Pokémon website said. My local GameStop has it for a week, I don’t know why yours doesn’t?

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