Penguin Play Awards – March 19

PiplupU: The Pikachu-Colored Pichu is now available over Wi-Fi! You just go to Mystery Gift, and the rest you probably know. You can get it on Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. I have no clue how long it lasts!

PiplupU: Stupid Paint isn’t working for me so I can’t upload any pictures because their not the type of format that WordPress accepts.

Ugh! The Penguin Play Awards are coming back… (Isn’t this like the second time or something?) Anyway, it’ll begin at March 19! As the name suggests, you get to vote for your favorite plays from 2009. You can also meet famous penguins like Cadence & Aunt Arctic Backstage! Unfortunately, that’s only for members! Let’s see if they change it this time?

Here’s a sneak peek of what it’ll look like:

(It seems like the  Pizza Parlor and the Pet Shop have been changed as well)

Here’s a picture from last year:

You got to vote for the plays at this booth last year:

Click here if you want to see the Top Five nominees from last year.


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