Celebi Event

Hey everybody. If you’re a Pokemon fan, don’t get to excited by reading the title. There isn’t a Celebi Event…YET. In late March or April (or even later) there will be a Celebi Event.

Like all the other Pokemon Events I posted about, this Pokemon will activate something when traded to Heart Gold or Soul Silver too. You take it too Illex forest and go to the shrine, over there Ethan/Lyra (depends what gender you are) will come to you and start talking. Than Celebi will start glowing and it takes you to this route. Over there you see your rival with the red hair talking to his father. They are in a fight, and your rival goes away from his dad, bumps into you, and leaves. Than your Celebi takes you to this cave. Over there you’ll see Giovanni, the Team Rocket leader, and he’ll talk to you and than challenge you to a battle. After beating him, Celebi takes you back to your current time.

Overall, this Celebi isn’t that special but it’ll be a good Pokemon for your team. I also think Giovanni is your red-haired rival’s father. That’s pretty weird, but it explains why he would steal a Pokemon from Professor Elm’s lab.


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  1. Nice info Pip!! By The way, 995 HITS ON MY STE! WOOHOO!!! I will have a party this week!!

  2. Oh my! I need Celebi! But I think I have it. 😕
    PiplupU: This Celebi given away will unlock a special event in Heart Gold or Soul Silver when traded to it. The other Celebi you may have is not able to do this.

  3. i want to get celebi but i can’t go to the event is there an other way to get celebi maybe?

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