Puffles Missing!

PiplupU: Wasabi tastes nasty. Heart Gold & Soul Silver are going to be released in less than one week!

Hey everyone. If you’ve been to the Dance Club recently, have you noticed this:

The Green Puffle is missing! It’s either he has been kidnapped or he’s eating Puffle Food at the Pet Shop…

Nah, he can’t be at the Pet Shop. Wait a minute, he’s probably at the Mine! Oh, and isn’t Yarr missing? That’s pretty weird.

I bet you’re wondering why I think he’s at the Mine? Well, read this article:

I think that may explain where the Green Puffle is. After going to the Mine, I discovered that those yellow and black things, used to warn penguins to not enter, were torn apart!

Here’s what it looked like before:

Here’s what it looks like now…Wait, is that Yarr or the Green Puffle!

Oh, it’s just the Yellow Puffle!

I guess that proves that the missing puffles have maybe ended up here, inside the Mine. Let’s just hope that next weeks issue of Club Penguin Times tells us more about this mysterious thing!

It turns out my guess was right! The yellow puffle, the green puffle, and Yarr were actually at the Mine!


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  1. Pip,

    Hi! Love your blog! You are very funny! Just wanted to let you know I m still here. I haven’t completely left.

    PiplupU: Awesome!

  2. Special Post on U Pip….. Check it out..

  3. Hey, pip!!!! Started using vodpod, huh??

  4. No. That was by accident! 😛

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