Club Penguin Times Issue #230

Hey everyone! Well first of all, my guess was right. The Yellow Puffle, the Green Puffle, and Yarr were actually at the Mine. It turns out tons of other puffles are there too! So starting on March 15, we’ll be able to save puffles at the Mine by playing a new game!

The Penguin Play Awards is arriving once again to Club Penguin! Penguins who were here for the one last year, know it wasn’t exactly that special. The only cool thing about it was that you got to meet Aunt Arctic, Cadence, and all the other famous penguins Backstage! Unfortunately, the Backstage room is only for members. That just ruins the fun for us non-members. The only thing non-members will get to do is…well nothing really. You just get to go inside the Stage, but not Backstage!

Well, here’s the exciting Upcoming Events!


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  1. Hey pip don’t forget to post thanks :). Also heart gold almost here!

  2. Yeah Heart Gold and Soul Silver almost come.

    Don’t forget today’s party pip!


    1. Server: Big Foot

    2. Time: 10:00 AM PST

    3. Place: Town

    4. Other stuff: My igloo and dance contest game for multi-player.

    5. Xat Chat for 30-45 Mins after all this!!

    Please come there!!!


  3. U logged in to CP right now, pip?

  4. Hey pip…. Party’s cancelled. 😥

    Will tell why later.. Bye for now.

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