New Game – Puffle Rescue

Hey everyone! Puffle rescue came out yesterday, but I was too busy playing Heart Gold and forgot to post. Anyway, it’s a pretty good game. Here’s how you play:

1. First of all, go to the Mine and click on this desk.

2. Than click on the picture of the puffle of whom you wish to save. (Only members are able to rescue the black and pink puffle.)

3.  I’m not a member, so I can only choose the blue puffle. This little puffle is trapped on an iceberg freezing to death. To go and rescue him, you’ll need to use the arrow keys to navigate through this place.

4. To reach the puffle, you’ll need to jump on the floating icebergs. Try to be careful and not fall into the water. This will bring you back to the beginning. Also, don’t step on the cracks in the ice.

5. After rescuing the puffle, you’ll need to bring him back which is the same thing as rescuing it. Once you do that, a sign will pop up saying “Thank you ______ .” Than you’ll be able to proceed to the next level.

Hope you all have fun playing this game! (I sure didn’t)


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  1. Lol, “Hope you all have fun playing this game! (I sure didn’t)” nice ending to your post Pip. xD

  2. Congrats Pip!

  3. 20 k hits!

  4. Roxanne Guinoo

    Lol Gratz 20 k hits! Heyy Piplup Im Having a 1 month membership and Coin Code Contest, and all you have to do is leave 1 answer with 1 coment:

    Here’s the Contest:

    It’s ok if you dont want to enter!
    ~ Roxanne Guinoo

  5. CONGRATS! Sorry I havent posted for long….

    My PC crashed.. 😥

  6. Hey Pip. I just saw your comment on BGM’s blog. I can’t believe Pennsi banned you forever.. Do you know why? Did she give a reason? Sorry to hear dude…

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