Penguin Play Awards!

PiplupU: Uhh… If any of you are wondering where the CP Music page is, I removed it because I think it might violate Club Penguin’s rules and stuff.

Hey everyone. The Penguin Play Awards are finally here! I kind of forgot yesterday was Friday and I didn’t go on Club Penguin either. Anyway, let’s start with the cheats and hints!

Go to the Dock for the free Press Hat.

As you can see, many people are welcome at the Stage. Normal penguins, famous penguins, and even hackers! Wait hackers… 😮

Please excuse this messy picture.

The Plaza has even been decorated fabulously!

Anyway, there’s also a little cheat inside the Costume Catalog, which is located inside the Stage. (The Costume Catalog is on the bottom right corner of the stage.)

Click on statue for the Penguin Awards Background.

Members are also able to go Backstage by entering this door in the upper right hand corner.

There are two free items that members are able to get.

One is the Penguin Play Award Trophy.

The other is a Video Camera.

Members can also meet some famous penguins backstage… Well, have fun!


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  1. Roxanne Guinoo

    Yea this party is the best! Heyy PiplupU Im Having a 1 Month Membership Contest and a Coin Code contest! All it take is to answer 10 questions in 1 comment!

    Heres the Contest:

    It’s Ok If you dont want to enter!
    ~ Roxanne Guinoo

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