April Fools Update & More!

Hey everyone. In just two days, we’ll be able to enjoy the annual April Fools party in Club Penguin! In commemoration of this event, Billybob showed us this picture:

This place is for Members Only, and is supposedly called “Land of Fools”. Here members will be able to show off their joke telling skills! Seems pretty interesting if you ask me.

If you own Heart Gold & Soul Silver, click on more.

For all you Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver owners, the Yellow Forest event will be soon!

As you can see, the Yellow Forest has only Pikachu. But first, let me tell you about this event. This event will be over Wi-Fi from April 1st to May 5th, and is a route for your Pokewalker. In this route, you’ll be able to find rare Pikachu that know the move Fly and Surf! Now that’s amazing!

For more information about how to receive this route, click here.


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  1. Hey pip! Long time no chat!

    I have got 1,700 Hits! Thanks to you of course!

    And yes, can I be an author on ur site? I’ll update it daily and according to my time. Thanks for the hits!!!!

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