New Pokemon Games & More!

PiplupU: If you clicked on more and saw this picture, click on it and you’ll be taken to the Japanese site that shows the offical teaser video.

Hey everybody. If you’ve seen the new header, if you haven’t do it right NOW, you’re probably wondering “What does that text in Japanese mean?” Well, that text says the name of a…


Pretty exciting, right? Well I’m not sure about this, but when translated it says Pokemon Black and Pokemon White. I’m not able to read Japanese, so how did I figure out there’s a new game and that’s going to be it’s name? I got this information straight from Serebii! Most of you probably know his site, it’s really popular and it has TONS of Pokemon information!

Anyway, here’s a picture the official Japanese site showed:

Oh, did I forget to tell you what those two Pokemon up there were? Those two are the first 5th generation Pokemon to be shown! The small one on the left is supposedly called “Zorua” and the one on the right is supposedly called “Zoroark”. Zorua is the pre-evoloution of Zoroark. By the way, did you know about a new Pokemon movie that will be airing in Japan soon?

It’s called Pokemon Phantom Champion Z, and the mascot of the movie is Zoroark I believe. In the movie there will be Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Celebi, Zorua, and Zoroark. If you search the movie’s name on Google or any search engine, you’ll see dozens of trailers for the movie. You should really check it out!

Ok, let’s wrap this up by showing a Super Mario Galaxy 2 trailer! It’ll be in stores on May 23rd! I’m thinking of buying it…


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