Club Penguin Times Issue #235 & More!

Hey everyone. A new issue of Club Penguin Times was released yesterday!

The most interesting and important topics are the ones about Earth Day! The Earth Day party will be coming to club penguin on April 22nd and will end on April 25th.

Oh, and there’s also going to be a new room during the Earth Day party! The new room will be right next to the Mine Shack.  In this new room, there will be a Recycling Plant, one of Gary’s new inventions. With this invention, you can turn something like an ordinary pizza box into something useful!

By the way, have you seen the construction going on outside the Mine Shack? Earth-loving penguins are planning on making a garden outside there! Seems pretty cool!

The Club Penguin Staff has made a new login screen, and it kind of gives us an idea of what the garden outside of the Mine Shack is going to look like.

Wait, could that hat on the blue penguin be a new item released during the party? That’s just my guess, what do you guys think?


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