Earth Day ’10 Party Cheats!

Wow. Just wow. I log on to Club Penguin and I see the whole place green. It turns out the Earth Day party came early! It’s today, on THURSDAY! Amazing! Ok, let’s start with the cheats.

Recycle Hunt Cheats

1.  The first hidden item on the scavenger hunt list is the broken tea cup. You can find it in the Coffee Shop on top of the large plant.

2. The next item is a open box of Puffle O’s, and it’s located in the Puffle Shop.

3. The next item is a barrel hidden in the forest on the bottom left-hand corner. Click on it and it’ll pop out, click on it once more and it’ll be added to your scavenger hunt list.

4. The next item is a bottle of hot sauce located on the roof of the Dojo in the Dojo Courtyard. Click on the bottle and it’ll pop out, then click on it again.

5. The next item is located in the Book Room on top of the bookshelf. I think it’s a bag of coffee beans?

6. The next item is a newspaper and it’s located in the forest. It’s hidden behind a rock.

7. The next item is a pizza box on top of inner tubes outside of the Sports Shop. It’s located in the Ski Village.

8. The last item is a can that is located outside the Mine Shack. It’s right behind a cart full of coal.

After collecting all of the items, click on claim prize.

Congratulations, you now have the Recycle Pin! (Not much of prize.)

Free Item

Well, it turns out my guess was right. The free item is  Straw Gardening Hat! When wearing the hat only, dance and see what happens.

New Shortcut & Room Added!

There is also a new shortcut added in the forest! When you go through this path, you’ll end up at the room where the Recycling Plant and the Mine Shack are.

The Recycling Plant is the new room! You can reach here by going through the path in the forest, or by clicking on the Mine Shack on your map.

If you try to go in here, and a picture pops up, than that means you’ll have to find all the recyclable items first. You can use that guide above to find it all.

The Recycling Note

Inside the Recycling Plant, you’re able to turn the things you recycled into brand new things!

When you throw a snowball, it turns into a item you recycled earlier! Remember, you can only do this inside the Recycling Plant.


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