Club Penguin: Herbert’s Revenge!

PiplupU: The Earth Day Party is going to end on April 25th! If you haven’t done the Recylcing Hunt yet, scroll down to see where all the hidden items are!

Hey everyone! Today the Billybob showed us the official trailer of Herbert’s Revenge, the new Club Penguin game coming soon.

The game will be released in United States, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil on May 25th! Shortly after that, the games will be released in UK and Australia on June 17th.


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  1. Nice game Pip, is there going to be a new version of Pokemon?
    PiplupU: Yes, there is going to be a new version of Pokemon. The new games will be called Pokemon Black & White and it’s going to have brand new 5th generation Pokemon.

  2. Hi PiplupU Just wanted to say i di IT on my site…

  3. I like the old CP Trailer for the old CP Video Game. Although, idk if I’m getting this game also =/.

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