Mission 11 Sneak Peek!

Hey everyone! The news we’ve been awaiting for is finally here! Billybob has recently gave us a sneak peek of the next upcoming mission, and also included a sneak peek.

Looks like Herbert’s up to something at the Ski Village. Anyway, they’ve also  told us when this mission will come out! There isn’t an exact date, but they’re saying that the mission launches at the end of May.

Here’s a sneak peek of Mission 11 Billybob gave us in February.

If you’re not an agent yet, go to my Cheats & Glitches page and it’ll explain how to become an agent. It’ll tell you what answers to pick so you successfully become one. Also, here’s a post that MAY have something to do with Mission 11. To view that post, click here.


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  1. Hey Pip, I got a new post at FarmVilleValley.

  2. Hi pip! What’s up! Long time no chat! Come around and check out my site!

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