Free Elite Member Day in Pandanda!

Hey everyone! Today was free elite member day in Pandanda. It’s this site that’s sort of like Club Penguin. It’s harder to make coins in there, but it’s a pretty fun game. Like Club Penguin, you have to have membership to purchase clothes, furniture, and your own little pet dragon! Anyway, in this game you can get more items though. There’s this guy named Zing Ballyhoo who gives away cool items when you collect 10 golden tickets. The golden tickets appear in rooms if you stay there for a while.

Today I adopted my first pet dragon, Pip. It’s an awesome Black Dragon! It cost 1000 coins, but I just had to have one of these little fellas!

Instead of igloos, their homes are called tree house.

Here’s a random picture that I took. It’s funny to me. Oh, and you can become a bunny by drinking this potion you can buy from a girl for 15 coins. Most of them are only for members, but today was member day so I was able to one.

On Pandanda, I’m a beta. Here’s what my playercard looks like:

I wish Club Penguin would have some thing like a free membership day. That would be really cool! Well, that’s all for now folks. 😛


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  1. I play Pandanda I got a elite membership when Membership started for a year
    PiplupU: Oh, that’s cool!

  2. Lucyfantastic

    Thats totally awesome. Thanks for the link to Pandanda. I think I prefer it over CP now. BTW you can buy some clothes as a non member even on regular days. The free elite member day was awesome tho.
    PiplupU: Seriously? I never knew you could buy clothes on regular days. Thanks for telling me that! Oh, and I like Pandanda a little more then Club Penguin. Well, actually I like them both equally!

  3. Interesting, though I don’t play it.

    New post

  4. Hey PiplupU,

    Your blog is Blog of the Day at FarmVilleValley!

    Enjoy some free views!


    Gil and FarmVilleValley

  5. i like your game so much that i play it every day!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I have to say, I would like an idea of a free ‘membership’ day of Club Penguin. I agree with you…

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