Mission 11 Sneak Peek!

Hey everyone! The wait is almost over. On May 18, secret agents will finally be able to play Mission 11! Here’s a sneak peek Billybob gave us:

This mission will be called “The Veggie Villian”. Far off in the background, you can see corn stalks.

Oh, and I just remembered something about the end of Mission 10. When we almost captured Herbert and he ran away, he accidentally dropped a package of seeds. Long time ago, I thought this was going to be for Mission 11. But than some penguins gave me wrong information and told me it was for the Adventure Party. I kind of started to believe them, but I still thought my guess was better. Anyway, here’s the package of seeds he dropped.

Click here to see the post I made on that day.


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  1. Thank you for commenting on my contest.

  2. Pip let me give you a hint to my date answer. Check when I published the About Page. You’ll find your answer.

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