Club Penguin Mission 11 “The Veggie Villain” Cheats

Hey everyone! Secret agents are now able to play the brand new mission! Here’s how to beat it:

First of all, go to the secret agent hideout. Then click on the green thing on the bottom right hand of your screen. On that screen, click on The Veggie Villain.

When you start the mission you’ll see Gary looking at his desk. Anyway, start talking to him and then he’ll remind you about the club Herbert left last time: the Poaceae seeds. When he gets to the part of guessing what type of seed it is, click on “Are those flower seeds”, then click on “Are those corn seeds”.

Than go to the Gift Shop by clicking on your map and going to the Town. Once inside, click on the corn seeds and add them to your inventory.

Afterwards, go upstairs and talk to the Jetpack Guy. Than pick up the corn seeds under the desk. Once you collect those seeds, your spy phone will start ringing. Gary will tell you to come to the HQ, but then suddenly the signal fades.

You’ve probably noticed that the spy phone is all messed up, so just go to the Sports Shop and enter the secret entrance in there to the HQ. Inside, you’ll discover that Herbert has taken over the PSA’s main computer and has all the information of it with him. He explains how he’s going to blow the cover of the secret agency. While Rookie keeps on talking to him to distract Herbert, Gary is meanwhile trying to shut down the computer so Herbert can’t access it. Once Gary does it, he’ll ask you to go to the Ski Village.

At the Ski Village you won’t be able to do anything to block Herbert’s broadcast. So, go to the Beach and go inside the Lighthouse. Inside the Lighthouse you’ll find a CD under a piano. Pick it up and place it in your inventory. Then click on the bottle of water that’s on top of the speaker.

With the bottle in your hand, click on the CD in your inventory. Since it’s all scratched up, you’ll have to clean it. Spray the CD a couple of times, then clean it up with the cloth. Once it’s all clean, put it in your inventory.

Inside the Lighthouse, go right of the door. You’ll see a little can, pick it up and add it to your inventory.

Now go outside and filled up with water at the Beach. Go to the PSA Headquarters and go inside the Gadget Room. Turn all the way to your left until you see the “Test Chamber”. Put your can where the arrow points, and click on the red lever. Click on the freeze button, than click on the red lever again. The can will tip, and out will fall something that looks sort of like a lens. Put that in your inventory, and head to the Beacon.

At the Beacon, talk to the orange construction worker. He’ll talk about how he needs a lens for the telescope. Hand him yours, and than pick up the one that’s on the ground.

With that new lens, go to the Ski Village and talk to the brown penguin. After listening to him, hand him the lens you have in your inventory. Well, good job for cheering him up! But that’s not what we were supposed to be doing. Let’s get on with the mission.

Click on the box that’s right next to the projector. Insert your CD that you got from inside the Lighthouse.

Than use your wrench tool from your spy phone to unlock the control panel.

Now click on the green space that was underneath the metal you just removed. You’ll have to solve the right code. I’m guessing that each code is different for each person. After you’ve guessed it right, go to the Mine.

Now go inside the Corn Room. Follow the trail of popcorn until you reach a room full of popcorn. There you’ll find a piece of torn paper. Pick it up and add it to your inventory. To complete the maze, go on the right path. Oh, and remember to pick up the pieces of paper and wood along the way. Now just follow the tracks of Herbert. At the end of the maze, go back the same way you came until you reach the same place where the yellow watering can is. Now go left, left, right, left, and left. If you’ve done it correctly, you’ll arrive at a stream. Use your board to walk across the river into the next room.

Now you’ll be in a place with a ladder, and two torches. Since you can’t reach the ladder, take out the pieces of corn you collected. Put it on top of the torch. You’ll still have the corn you collected from upstairs. Anyway, the ladder will drop down, and you’ll have to go up.

There you will find Herbert and Klutzy. Talk to him, and them plug out the cord from the computer. Unfortunately, this temporarily fixed all PSA technology. Including the spy phone Rookie gave Herbert.

Herbert will than teleport you, including that mysterious chair, to the HQ where Rookie and Gary are. Once there, you’ll find out that Herbert has put something like a Popcorn Bomb on the chair. You’ll have to find a way to escape the building now. On the right of Gary you’ll find some books underneath a map of Club Penguin with those flashing red lights. Click on the orange book, than a target will come out of the side of the cabinet. Click on the target and click on help to help you solve it faster.

Once you’ve done it right, Dot appears out of nowhere! She’s part of the EPF by the way. Anyway, you know how that’s the command room for the EPF, that’s how she was in there.

Ok, well since she’s in the EPF her gadgets still work. She’ll teleport you to the Ski Village, and well PSA is ruined. Herbert kind of succeeded in destroying the HQ, and he has LOTS of PSA files and other important documents. Dot will then start talking to you about the EPF and how they think you’d be good for it and stuff. Well, that’s it! You now have a gift from Dot which is a snow globe and the mission 11 medal!

Here’s a little something most of you probably don’t know yet. Open up your player card and go to your awards. Now go all the way down until you see the snow globe you received as a gift.

Click on the globe, and than click on the red button on the side of it. (By the way, I was on my sister’s penguin at that time)

Once you click on the red button, some cool new glasses will appear!

Once you click on those glasses, there yours forever!

Oh, and I’ve checked all the sites and I’m positive I’m the first one to know a cool thing about the Mission 11 medal. With the medal, you can play a cool game in which you navigate through a maze. There’s a new level each time! Remember, I’m the first one you heard this from! 😉

(I will track you down if you don’t give me credit after finding this out)

Lol, not really.

😐 But still give me credit, you understand? 😐



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  1. Haha the name is funny 🙂

  2. total credit 2 u!

  3. umm wats the codes in the maze??

  4. well it gave me some help but…….. I DID NOT GET WHAT I SERCHED FOR!!! I SERCHED FOR A MAP FOR THE MAZE IM GOING TO TRACK YOU DOWN AND IF YOU HAVE I PET………ill leave it there and the part from traking you down it’s all kiddiNGim 8 so hehe btw it did help

  5. Lightning Gal

    I cant get the snow globe i looked evrywhere pleeeeease help


  7. This is the most usefull!!

  8. this is not bad.

  9. where is the wood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. lost snow globe!

  11. thanks i have now completed all clubpenguin missions cheers bro 😀


  13. I think pokemon is the biggest distraction ever invented! Thank goodness for that!

  14. whats the code

  15. Thanks for the help, otherwise, i will still be stuck!

  16. THanks for the help it was really useful because then i never would’ve found out how to get the ladder down


  17. Total credit good one thanks

  18. hey guys if you post this on 3 different pages you get 1000 coins 1 whole year of membership. just post this on 3 different pages and press shift and enter at the same time then press ctrl 5 times now log on to club penguin and you are a member for a whole year and get a thousand coins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. log off cp
    type this on 2 different pages
    log on cp
    press alt+shift
    you will get
    5 months of membership
    4 puffles

  20. where is the board in that mission

  21. i did not get the snow globe how come

  22. i couldnt find the snow globe 😦

    2. PRESS F12 8 TIMES
    5. PRESS F5 2 TIMES
    6. YOU WILL NOW ACHIEVE: 9,999,999,999,999 COINS, 50 PUFFLES FOR FREE, 5

  24. I like what you guys tend to be up too. Such clever work and reporting!
    Keep up the terrific works guys I’ve included you guys to my personal blogroll.

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