Super Mario Galaxy 2!

Hey everybody! It’s 8:00 AM my time, and I’m getting ready to go to GameStop. It opens early at 9:00 today. I just felt like letting you all know. xD

Ok, I came back home at 9:20. I was the first one at GameStop to buy the game. I was expecting a big line there, but there wasn’t. I just stepped in, bought the game, and when the guy was handing me the game in that little GameStop bag, my sister stole it from me and ran around the parking lot. Than she ran inside the car and, well, I took it back from her. Anyway, I’ve played it for two hours so far, and decided to take a break and let my sister play it. Her planet is Princess Peach and mine is Yoshi. On Starship Mario, I think that’s what it’s called, lots of cool things happen. Sooner or later, Yoshi comes, those toads who were in Super Mario Galaxy come with their spaceship, and this little bunny. Anyway, this game is WAAAY better than the previous one. Well, I’m going to Club Nintendo to register it so I can earn some coins. (If there’s something really important related to Club Penguin, I’ll post it.)


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