Construction at Ski Village & New CP Agent Sneak Peek!

Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting lately. I’ve been playing Super Mario Galaxy 2, and I just felt like taking a break. I’ve also been preparing for my final exams that are coming soon.

Anyway, you’ve probably noticed the construction at the Ski Village. There giving away free hardhats that they ALWAYS give, and it’s getting pretty annoying seeing the same old one almost EVERY month. Seriously, why can’t they make new hardhats? By the way, if you look next to my penguin, you’ll see the EPF logo! Seems like PSA is now over and EPF is taking over. On the bottom right hand corner, you’ll see the Snow & Sports Catalog. Since the Sports Shop is closed forever, they temporarily moved it there. The catalog may move from the Ski Village to the Ice Rink, which will turn into the Soccer Arena in summer. Here’s the construction site:

A few days ago, Billybob gave us a cool new sneak peek of the EPF agents. It seems like instead of looking all decent and top secret, we’re now going to look all weird. I think the only thing cool is the glasses on the boy penguin. Here’s the sneak peek Billybob gave us:


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