EPF Updates Around Club Penguin!

Hey everyone! Have you seen the new log in screen? It came out today, and I personally think it’s pretty cool!

There’s also a new update on the Club Penguin homepage! Since the sports shop is ruined, they built a new building! This is how it looks on the Club Penguin homepage:

If you log onto Club Penguin, and you’re a secret agent, you’ve probably noticed you have some mail. Click on the envelope on the top left of your screen, and you’ll see a letter from the EPF! To discover what it says, you’ll have to roll your mouse over the letter and find this shape and press it. Than the message will appear. Here’s what mine looked like:

After reading the message, click on Go There. Than you’ll be taken into this big room called the Phoning Facility. This camera will scan you, and than you’ll have to complete this different tasks.

The first one is very simple. All you have to do is click on the phone when it starts ringing, and than a target will come out of the wall. Than you simply throw a snowball at it, and the next task comes.

After successfully hitting the target, the next thing you’ll have to do is kind of like a race to see how fast you are. You’ll have to step on the green square, than run all the way to the red square.

After that, you’ll have to hide from Camera 2. What I did was hide underneath Camera 2, and ya’ll should do that too.

Than after that, there will be a sign saying preparing cage, or something like that. Don’t step inside it. To see what happens when you go inside it, I tested it out. All that happens is that you get trapped in the cage, and to get out you’ll have to throw a snowball at that electrical box on the pillar.

Finally, you’ll be allowed to be an EPF agent!

After entering the the elevator, you’ll receive this little pop up on your screen. That congratulates you about joining the EPF. If you notice, your’e spy phone has now changed into an Elite Spy Phone.

Come back tomorrow to see more info about Elite Puffles!


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  1. This sounds really interesting man. You haven’t commented on any of my posts. Why? lol

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